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RGP15-20 Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode  1.5 Amp 2000 Volts
RGP15-20 1.5A 2000V Fast Rectifier Diode

212 in stock, ready to ship

   0.047uF 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitor - 12 pack
0.047 uF, 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitor, 1/4" Leads - 12 PACK

28 in stock, ready to ship

Green HLMP-7040 Subminiature LED
Avago Technologies HLMP-7040 2mm LED

166 in stock, ready to ship

  SPDT ON-ON Rocker Switch Carling TLGI-DA-TB101-TWB/125N
10A SPDT ON-ON Rocker Switch, with Amber 115V Neon Indicator

39 in stock, ready to ship

    0.22uH Axial Lead Inductor TDK SPT0203A-R22M - 10 PACK
.22uH Axial Lead Choke Coil - Pack of 10

1209 in stock, ready to ship

 Hakko 900S-T-1.2D Tip for Hakko 702B/928/936/937
1.2mm Screwdriver Tip for Hakko Irons 702B 928 936 937

8 in stock, ready to ship

  #8-32 Hex Nut with captive external tooth lock washer PACK of 20
8-32 Steel Keps Nut with star lock washer, Pack of 20

28 in stock, ready to ship

    4.7K 4700 Ohms 1/2 Watt Deposited Carbon Film Resistor
1/2 Watt Carbon Film Resistor, 10% Tolerance

555 in stock, ready to ship

0.75" Long 4-40 Threaded Hex Standoff, .250"
Keystone 1450D Zinc Plated Brass Standoff

250 in stock, ready to ship

NE5532AP Dual Low-Noise Op Amps for Audio
NE5532 Dual Op Amp in a 8-pin DIP

73 in stock, ready to ship

IRFI730 TO-220 N-Channel 400V 4A Power MOSFET
Fully insulated case, same specs as IRF730

385 in stock, ready to ship

13A1002 Thermistor
Alpha Technics Thermistor 13A1002 Thermistor

98 in stock, ready to ship

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