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LM334Z Three Terminal Current Regulator
Three terminal current regulator
Out of Stock

LT1072CT Switching Regulator
TO-220 Linear Technology High Efficiency Regulator, 1.25A

85 in stock, ready to ship

LT1370HVIR Switching Regulator
Surface Mount Regulator

10 in stock, ready to ship

MC34065P Regulator IC
Motorola Dual Channel Current Mode Controller IC

1 in stock, ready to ship

MC34164P-5 Micropower Undervoltage Sensing Circuit
Motorola 5V Supervisory Undervoltage Sensing Circuit, TO-92
$0.22  $0.13

2366 in stock, ready to ship

MC34166T Switching Regulator
Motorola Adjustable Reg

43 in stock, ready to ship

SG4501T Dual Voltage Tracking Regulator
Dual Poitive-Negative Tracking Voltage Regulator
Out of Stock

Texas Instruments Shunt regulator in a SOT89 case

880 in stock, ready to ship

UC3843AN PWM Regulator IC
UC3843AN PWM Current Regulator

102 in stock, ready to ship

Voltage Regulators and references, positive, negative and adjustable.  We also carry many regulators and references in our replacement semiconductor lines.
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