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TV Replacement Parts - Original RCA, GE and Zenith Parts
TV Replacement Parts

We have a small stock of older vintage TV parts for sets manufactured before 2002.  We have RCA, GE and Zenith parts.  Sorry, NO Projection/LCD/PLASMA/DLP parts. 

Parts Sub Categories
RCA OEM Replacement Parts
We have a stock of original RCA parts for sets made from 1962-2002. Sorry, no LCD/LED/Plasma/Projection or pre-1960 parts.

Radio and TV Replacement Coils and Transformers
We have small quantities of Miller and Workman coils and transformers for radio and TV. Most are for older tube radios and TVs.

Zenith OEM TV Parts
We have a stock of older Zenith TV parts, for sets made between 1963 and 2002. Sorry, no LCD/Plasma/Projection parts. Contact us with your part number.

Sony Vintage TV Parts
We have a small stock of parts for 1970s and early 1980 Sony Color TVs. These are all we have, and are unable to obtain any additional stock.

Workman Replacement Thermistors and Varistors
Workman Replacement Thermistors and Varistors
We have a stock of Workman Electronic Products Replacement Thermistors and Varistors. Note that some part numbers may cross to more than one replacement - please check the schematic before ordering to ensure the right replacement. All are new parts.
Parts for Sale
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 CRT Anode Connector with 40KV rated Cable
CRT Second Anode High Voltage Connector with 20" long 40KV Rated Wire

3 in stock, ready to ship

 Universal Ferrite Core Assortment
Oneida Ferrite Core Assortment - Adjustable Cores for TV and Radio

1 in stock, ready to ship

12 pin Color CRT Socket for 21" Round Color CRTs
Oneida S-131C 12 Pin Neodiheptal CRT socket, with 12" long leads for 21" Round Color CRTs 21CYP22, 21FJP22, 21FBP22
Out of Stock

Color CRT Socket for 90 degree Color CRTs
Oneida S-108A 90-degree Color CRT socket, with 11" long leads for 19, 23, 25-inch CRTs

3 in stock, ready to ship

Filament Wire for Flyback Transformers
Oneida HV-25 Flyback Filament Wire - 3 foot length

1 in stock, ready to ship

HV Anode Wire for TV
Oneida HV-30 HV Wire - 5 foot length

5 in stock, ready to ship

Pomona 2712A Color Cathode Current Test Adapter for 6JS6 / 6JM6
Color Test Adapter for measuring HOT Cathode Current

1 in stock, ready to ship

Talon Electronics sells a variety of electronic  parts, transistors, diodes, fuses, capacitors, resistors, test equipment parts, and inductors, for engineers and service technicians.
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