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Talon Electronics - About Us
Talon Electronics LLC

 Welcome!   We've put up the website in an effort to make available our stock of electronic parts.  

Just who is Talon Electronics?  Years ago, we began acquiring large lots of electronic parts - mostly surplus from dealer closeouts, military surplus buys, service shop closings, and other buyouts.  We have come to realize the scope of the world wide web and we've added our huge inventory of semiconductors (2,400 line items) and passives (6,200 line items) to our website.  We don't confine ourselves to any niche, but try to locate and pass on the best deal on electronic parts, often unique or hard-to-find.

With few exceptions, prices are for Each (one) item. 

eBay - We no longer sell through eBay. 

About Email

Unless we are on vacation (a rare occurrence), you should receive a reply to your email query within 24 hours.   We typically do not answer questions that are already answered on our FAQ page


Privacy Statement

Nobody likes "spam" (unsolicited email). You may rest assured that Talon Electronics will not sell or knowingly give your name and personal information to anyone else. In addition, you won't receive unsolicited messages from us unless you ask to be notified of, for example, the future availability of a certain part.  Accordingly, please ensure your email spam filters don't filter out messages from talonix.com

Talon Electronics sells a variety of electronic  parts, transistors, diodes, fuses, capacitors, resistors, test equipment parts, and inductors, for engineers and service technicians.



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